HIP AND HOLY searches the world for beautiful things and brings them to the marketplace. We are 2 sisters who love and appreciate the little things. Every piece of our collection is designed or hand picked with love. Our signature "little rose" coin purse as well as the exquisite La Vie Parisienne jewelry line will bring joy to you and those you gift.

"the little rose" is the first seed we planted, (our very own creation). A vintage, velvet rose coin purse. We have a BIG dream of making a difference in this world, one petal at a time. Each part of The little rose was created with intention... -THE PURSE- THE PENNY- THE PROMISE

THE PURSE: is a purse with a purpose- to carry your tzedakah (charitable givings).

THE PENNY: Mamma taught us never to give an empty purse. "Put a penny in it", she would say. We have replaced the penny with a token of love so that your purse should always overflow with abundance.

THE PROMISE: Our pledge is to give 10% of all our profits from THE LITTLE ROSE coin purse to feed and comfort the hungry children of the world.

We hope you enjoy your little rose as much as we enjoyed co-creating it. Divinely inspired, Liane and Nicole.

LA VIE PARISIENNE by Catherine Popesco is an exquisite line of vintage inspired jewelry. 

The collection originates in old Parisian workshops established over 200 years ago. The pieces are made of  "old silver" a unique French process of laying sterling silver or 14K gold plate over a copper base which are then hand set with brilliant Swarovski crystals. 

Wonderfully romantic and steeped  in the tradition of magnificent craftsmanship. A timeless collection that reflects the art and culture of the past and holds a valuable place in the present.